We do still have challenges in our quest to be as sustainable and carbon positive that we can possibly be, but we’re working on them. You can find information about these challenges as well as answers to various other questions that you may have below.
Where are our things made?

It depends on which product.  Our soft toys and beanbags are handmade in Hungary using materials from Italy and/or China.  Our hard plastic toys will be made in Hungary using plastic salvaged from the oceans (mainly The Pacific). Our bags are made in China.  Our ambition is to be as carbon positive as we possibly can so we will be planting trees with our partner, onetreeplanted.org, to offset any transportation footprint.

Is everything made from recycled materials?

Almost! 100% recycled and recyclable is certainly our ambition and something we’re striving for, and we are very nearly there.  All of our bags, beanbags and soft toys (exteriors) are made from recycled plastic bottles with the exact number of plastic bottles used to make each product listed on the specific product page. Our Zero Hero Turtles are made from our recycled plastic bottle material off-cuts and filled with beads made from ocean salvaged recycled plastic. Our hard plastic toys will also be made from ocean salvaged recycled plastic.

One on-going task is to find a sustainable, recycled solution for the soft toy stuffing (Zero Hero Turtle aside).  This is proving to be a challenge due to the following reasons…


The problems with recycled eco-fills…


  1. Eco-fills are qualified as `not washable material` which is not ideal for soft toys. As parents to two little mucky cubs we know exactly how important it is for soft toys to be washable 🙂
  2. The material doesn’t hold its shape and it shrinks on contact with liquid, therefore the soft toy loses its shape.


The problems with natural filling (wool, starch, linseed)…

  1. Pesky little blighters like mites might fancy a naturally filled soft toy as a new home. 
  2. It can shrink after washing.
  3. There are some markets where some specific natural filling are not compliant with Health and Safety (eg linseed in Australia)


So we are actively searching for an eco-alternative, soft toy filling, but as we strongly feel that we shouldn’t compromise on quality or safety, we’ve decided to proceed initially, with the current option of virgin polyester filling.  Again we’ll be offsetting any footprint by planting some lovely green trees and also providing instructions of how to sustainably dispose of your soft toy when that day finally comes, but and it’s also worth mentioning that due to its density, the filling actually only makes a relatively small portion of the soft toy.   

Where do you deliver to?


We ship globally via our webshop (again offering everyone who makes a purchase an opportunity to plant a tree for just £1 to offset any transportation impact.  We’re also establishing partnerships across the world to have official distributors of our lovely, sustainable wares.

I'd like to return my Seahorsey product. Where can I send it?

We’re hoping that these instances will be few and far between, but if for any reason you do need to send your Seahorsey product back for a refund or exchange, please send it to the following address…

Office 1
Enterprise Centre
Bryn Road
CF32 9BS

I no longer need my Seahorsey product. What should I do with it?
  1. Give it to a someone else who will love it!  See if you have any friends who could give it a new home, take it to the local charity shop, or alternatively if you live in the UK, we’ve partnered with a wonderful company called Young Planet who specialise in giving new homes to unwanted kids things.  Check out their website (www.youngplanet.com) and see if they can help.
  2. Recycle it! Don’t simply pop it in the recycling bin as it’s not that simple.  Our products are made from a variety of different components and they need to be separated before recycling.  A better solution is to find your nearest recycling centre and take it there.  They should be able to take it from there.
  3. Send it back to us at the following address so that we can breath new life into it.

Office 1
Enterprise Centre
Bryn Road
CF32 9BS

What are your shipping costs?
Our postage costs are as follows…

UK – £3.85 (£12.10 for tracked and signed)

Hungary – £3.50

EU – £7.80

USA – £16.60

World Zone 1 (Covers all countries, not defined as being in Europe or World Zone 2) – £12.10

World Zone 2 ( Australia, Belau, British Indian Ocean Territory, Christmas Island (Indian Ocean), Christmas Island (Pacific Ocean), Cocos Islands, Cook Island, Coral Sea Island, Fiji, French Polynesia, French South Antarctic Territory, Keeling, Kiribati, Macao, Nauru Island, New Caledonia, New Zealand, New Zealand Antarctic Territory, Niue Island, Norfolk Island, Norwegian Antarctic Territory, Papua New Guinea, People’s Democratic Republic of Laos, Pitcairn Island, Republic of Singapore, Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Tokelau Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, US Samoa, Western Samoa) – £14.50

Free postage within the UK on orders of more than £75.

Do you use sustainable packaging?
Of course! We try to be as sustainable as we can in every single thing that we do. Our packaging is all corn based and 100% biodegradable.

Here’s some info about how to dispose of the packaging…

Our biodegradable packing should ideally be sent for industrial composting at a recycling facility. There, after correct treatment (high atmospheric air pressure and c. 90 deg C. temp.), it will be degraded to a compost-like substance within 3 to 4 months. If you’re not able to get to a recycling facility, please put it into your general waste bin, or if possible, a bio food bin. Please note that you shouldn’t put bio mailer bags into plastic recycling bins as they aren’t plastic and it would make the whole bin non-recyclable.

Tell us about your designs
We share this planet with approximately 8.7 million other species. Species whose futures are as much under threat (or more so) from climate change, plastic pollution and the like than we are. And given that we’re huge animal lovers over at Seahorsey HQ, we wanted our designs to feature some of the most vulnerable and beautiful creatures on Earth, so that we can help raise awareness of their plight and give them a much needed helping hand.

The animals within our designs are:

1. African Elephant
2. Rhino
3. Giraffe
4. Gorilla
5. Pangolin
6. Cheetah
7. Galápagos Penguin
8. Maui Dolphin
9. StellerSea Lion
10. Atlantic Bluefin Tuna
11. Leatherback Sea Turtle
12. Polar Bear

Let’s look out for these lovely beasts.